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Thursday, May 13, 2010


This program is one of the famous engineers meet and a largest student association maintained by IITs. Various courses on Software and Embedded technology are avialable at low costs. Logon on to this website for further details.

Monday, April 12, 2010

National Conference on Advances in Databases, Knowledge and Networks 2010

        The Primary Goal of NCADKN'10 is to bring together researchers working in the broad areas of Data Management, Knowledge and Networks and related fields to promote community-wide discussion of ideas that will influence and foster continued research in the fields. 

Organized by : Sree Sastha Institute Of Engineering And Technology
Department Of Computer Science And Engineering and Department of Information Technology 

Conference Website:
For any queries mail at 

Friday, April 9, 2010

Botix Robotic Workshop, Chennai. - 24th April 2010

BOTIX is a 2 day hands-on workshop that focuses on introducing participants to the world of robotics. Split over 4 sessions participants are introduced to various concepts of robotics in each session and practically implement these concepts towards the end of each session. The sessions are designed to be concise to give participants more time for practical implementation. During the course of the workshop participants learn to build different types of robots including line following bots, obstacle avoiding bots & edge avoiding bots. Participants get a takeaway kit.

Duration: 2 Days
Fee: Rs. 4500/- for a team of 3
Fee: Rs. 3500/- for a team of 2
Fee: Rs. 2500/- for a team of 1
What does the Fee Cover?
The fee covers training costs and kit cost only. The fee does not include food, accommodation or local transport. 

KIT Contents
Chassis – 1
Wheels – 2
Castor Wheels – 1
Motors – 2
IR Modules – 2
Breadboard – 1
H-Bridge IC L293D – 1
Motor Diver IC ULN2003– 1
Wire Cutter – 1
Power Supply – 1
Hook-up Wires

Students coming for the workshop from outside Chennai need to make their own accommodation arrangements. The Youth Hostel in Indira Nagar is a good low-budget option. The hostel provides separate dormitory accommodation for men and women. Please be warned that the hostel is booked well in advance and book your beds early. You can reach the hostel on 044 24420233

Note: We Do Not Have Anything To Do With The Hostel And Its a Suggestion Alone!

Click This to Register and for further informations

Simplifly Aeromodelling Workshop, Chennai - 18-Apr-2010

Simplifly – Senior is a tailor made 1-day hands-on workshop to explore the fun and joy of building things that fly. Come explore and learn Aeromodelling, Build a variety of Gliders and Take away your planes.

Simplifly – Senior is a tailor made 1-day hands-on workshop to explore the fun and joy of building things that fly. Come explore and learn Aeromodelling, Build a variety of Gliders and Take away your planes.

Duration : 1-Day
Location : Loyola College, Chennai
Age Limit: 16Yrs and above
Fees: 1650/-* for a team of 2 ( *includes a Kit)
Take Away Kit Contents
1×60cm Balsa Glider
1×40cm Balsa Glider w Foam Wings
Last Date for Registration 14th April 2010

Note: This is a pure GLIDER design workshop. There will be nothing related to electrical/electronics/radio control of planes!!!

For further informations : Mail Website : Click Here
Click this link to Register

National Workshop on Database Technologies – April 9 -10 – VIT University – Tamil Nadu

The workshop is concerned with the role of data in the design, development and mining of information systems. Issues of interest include  modern databases as spatio-temporal, mobile databases and research issues in various domains.

Download the Brochure here

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Welcome to Technical Workshops web blog

Welcome to this Blog.
This web blog will have all the informations about the important technical workshops that are organised in  india. This blog will have the direct link to the homepage of that particular symposium or workshop.
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Vivekanandan Manokaran